"Genuine care for protecting the rights of the most vulnerable in our society... professionalism, attention to detail and keen ability to deliver a message that resonates with any audience..."

~ Recent client of Special Travelers 

The purpose of Special Travelers is to connect. Connect research with practice; knowledge with experience; resources to individuals who need them; and people to people. Due to an extensive international network, we can often make these connections around the globe. Whether through professional development trainings, community integration plans, or simply meeting in a coffee shop, it is through our common connections that we grow. Join our mailing list or complete the contact form for more information.


"This was a great session – I was given strong, research-based information with practical strategies.”

~ Recent attendee of a professional development session. 

The belief of Special Travelers is that education is a lifelong journey. The classrooms of early years are only the beginning, yet play a critical role for the following stages of individuals' lives. When education is relevant for all, each member of society will become an involved contributor. We offer lectures and consultative services to families, schools, agencies and businesses to better understand and involve members of all abilities into classrooms, community settings and places of work. See our Publications page for a sample of training and workshops.


"Meghan was great at addressing questions in a highly personal and detailed fashion; it was not biased or judgmental.”

~ Recent attendee of a professional development session.

The aim of Special Travelers is to empower every individual on his/her journey. For individuals with learning and communication differences, this includes having access to a range of experiences within their communities to understand the relevancy of learning and communicating with others. For family members, empowerment is seeing and encouraging what each member of the family can do, recognizing each other's strengths, along with areas that require more support. For educators and community members, to empower is to include and welcome all with dignity. Read some of our Blog posts for practical examples and inspiration. 

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