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"My present aim is to to meet people of all abilities at the intersection of learning and living. I have had the great privilege of serving people with autism and other neuro-developmental and -genetic disabilities for over 25 years. I have founded Special Travelers because I am passionate about the need for education to be relevant, and to empower individuals with learning differences to become more independent participants of the world around them. This begins with a Free and Appropriate Education (FAPE) during school-age years, with accurately developed Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)"

~ Meghan Mulvenna, Founder of Special Travelers

Our Philosophy

We believe that special education in the classroom is only the first and humble step toward empowering individuals to become prepared and interested participants in the world. Equally important as teaching skills is applying them in the variety of environments that make up our daily lives. It is here that individuals experience the usefulness of knowledge, communication, and relationships with others. To recognize the world as a classroom is to think creatively about what kind of supports all individuals need to bridge the gap between learning and living.

Our Founder
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Our founder, Meghan Mulvenna, began her career in 1994, providing respite to families through a recreational program and home settings. After teaching in both public and private schools and providing home-based instruction through Rutgers University, she went on to hold positions as Coordinator for a regional Autism Collaborative and Educational Director of a consulting company. It was through these experiences that Meghan was repeatedly reminded of the critical need to not only accurately teach children, but to lead them into productive futures.


Meghan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Special Education and a Master’s degree in Organizational Behavior. She is currently pursuing publication of her first book, Bridging the Gap Between Learning and Living. She has served on international conference committees in the US, and has advocated and presented on global autism awareness issues in Southeast Asia and West Africa. Meghan has served as the Scholarship Chair for the International Association of Special Education, awarding scholarships to special education teachers in developing countries to attend a biennial conference. Her vision of Special Travelers is to provide an array of services, beginning with advocacy at the school level, through which individuals have the opportunities to apply what they have learned through educational settings, in the real world. It is there, she believes, that a whole new level of learning will take place.

Our Intentions
  •  To recognize the unique qualities of each individual.

  •  To advocate for school-age students to receive FAPE and an accurately developed IEP.

  •  To educate individuals, family members and related service staff on the concept of ‘the world is our classroom.’

  •  To empower family members to plan and share productive experiences, at home, in their local communities and on vacation.

  •  To examine, understand and share the role of communication in creating productive behavior, social skills and relationships.

  •  To provide realistic and effective tools and strategies for problem-solving challenging behavior.

  •  To enable individuals with special needs to become prepared and active participants in the world.

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