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The First Step of Courage...

I recently gave a presentation for a large non-profit organization in the United States. They provide technical support for school leaders in a world-famous metropolitan area. The title of the presentation was "Identifying Appropriate Behavioral Expectations for Early Childhood Classrooms," yet my message always spreads broader than my topic.

My message is 'our role is to create positive and productive citizens of the world.' Citizens who have meaningful and enjoyable work to do... What we all wish for ourselves and our loved ones. "Appropriate behavior" is simply a means to that end.

I have traveled and lived upon five continents. I have met children in villages near white sands, along riverbanks and in mountains. I have supported parents of royalty and those who lived in dilapidated trailers and shacks. And what I know for sure is that the one thing we all have in common is a wish to be happy, and for those we love to be cared for and happy.

At the end of this recent training, a middle-aged gentleman in a dark suit raised his hand and asked, "What do you do when you realize you are doing everything wrong?" I took a deep breath, looked at him and said, "You begin with what you just did: Have the courage to acknowledge it." He continued sharing with me after the session, "I'm the Principal, and I need help."

I do believe that our stories begin to change for the better when we take the first step of courage to acknowledge, "I need help." I am proud to be the founder of Special Travelers, because I have the chance to witness powerful moments as that one.

On World Autism Awareness Day 2016, may we all realize our own courage to keep showing up to our stories, and loving who is in our life.

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