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Dignifying Research from the Hussman Institute for Autism

The Hussman Institute, based in Maryland, USA, aims at greater knowledge of the neurobiological basis of individuals identified with Autism and offering a broad view of resources and supports to families and professionals. One of their primary principles is based on the research of Presuming Competence. I find their narrative to be one of the most dignifying I have experienced in my career.

Dr. Gene Blatt recently shared the Institute's latest research on the Neurobiology of Autism during a session in honor of Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month. Dr. John Hussman, founding Executive Director and President, shared meaningful connections between the research and what it means for interacting with individuals with Autism. He also shared that he prefers the term, "Autism Spectrum Conditions," in contrast to "Disorders" because it implies more dignity and a range of abilities.

It is refreshing and hopeful to know of the valued perspective and team operating out of the Hussman Institute. Thank you for your contributions.

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